Origins and Lineage  Craniosacral therapy emerged out of the field of Osteopathy in the late 19th century. Like many healing practices, the origins of craniosacral therapy have been subject to the forces of colonization. This has obscured its true roots in the Indigenous healing arts, specifically Cherokee bodywork and Shawnee methods of bone-setting.*

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is form of body/energy work that uses gentle physical touch to support nervous system regulation and reconnection to a felt sense of inherent health, specific to your bodymind. I have been a practitioner since 2008, completing my Biodynamic foundation training with Beth Cachat in Seattle, WA and have studied with Gary Peterson through The Star Institute. 

Benefits  Generally, most people find BCST to be profoundly relaxing. Sessions may help mitigate chronic pain, migraines, tension, and insomnia. For highly sensitive individuals, the process of experiencing deep relaxation in a session can also assist in managing sensory stimuli and overwhelm. I am especially interested in supporting those who are navigating the aftermath of trauma, whether that be of interpersonal, institutional, or environmental origins, to move towards reconnection of body, breath, spirit, and earth.

Why I Offer Craniosacral Sessions  For me, BCST has always felt like coming home. And sometimes when we return home after a long absence, there is much to learn, sort through, and form relationship with. The gentle pacing of touch and experience of co-regulation between practitioner and client, nurtures nervous systems and supports profound healing. It is one of my great joys in life to be able to share this with others.

Clients served  I offer craniosacral sessions to people of all identities and ages. Book a session with me

Initial consultation  If you have questions or access needs not addressed on this site, I am available by phone or email to discuss those before a session is scheduled.

Scheduling  Sessions are scheduled on Sundays or Mondays at my Sebastopol, CA office.

What to Expect in a Session  Craniosacral Therapy is practiced fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions are ~75 minutes in length.

Fees  My fee is $150 per 75-minute session. I accept payment via cash or debit/credit card using Square’s payment system. 

*For more information regarding the origins of Craniosacral Therapy:
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