I offer telehealth (video and phone) therapy for individuals living in California.

“The concern of the social scientist should not be so much to explain the world as to transform it.”  ~ Ignacio Martín-Baró 

Therapy is most effective as a collaborative process in which your needs and desires for growth are prioritized. The foundation of my approach to therapy stems from the wholehearted belief that our bodyminds, those seemingly interminable knots of body and psyche, are orientated towards liberation. Over time, my thinking has been influenced by Jungian therapy, liberation psychology, feminist and queer studies, and the work of disability and transformative justice activists.

Counter to mainstream psychology which locates the nexus of disorder within the individual, I believe that if there are “problems” they can be found within unjust systems of power. Therapy should not require individuals to adjust to oppression or be forced to embody ableist forms of normativity shaped by capitalism. It should however, create a safe-enough space in which to untangle the harmful messages that we internalize and weaponize against ourselves and others.

I believe therapy can assist us in healing from the ways we have been harmed and/or have harmed others in relationship and offer support to navigate the ongoing impacts of oppression. It provides a space to reckon with contradiction, feel the uncomfortable, speak the unspeakable, expand our capacity for joy, and perhaps most importantly, return complexity to what becomes simplified through trauma.


Clients served  I work with people of all identities and ages. *Due to licensing restrictions I am only able to serve residents within the settler-colonial state designated boundaries of California.

Initial consultation  To begin, I offer a free 15-30 minute initial phone/Zoom call. This allows space for you to give me an overview of what you are seeking through therapy, answer any questions you might have, and determine if we have compatible schedules for ongoing work.

Fees  Payment is accepted via debit/credit and FSA/HSA cards (using Square’s payment system). If your insurance plan reimburses you for out-for-network mental health services, I will provide you with monthly super bill statements.

Languages spoken  English.  

Scheduling  Sessions are scheduled for a regular weekly time, 1-2 times per week based on the compatibility of our schedules.

Telehealth  All therapy sessions occur over Zoom (